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Anglewise has a proven track record in the provision of Public Affairs for a number of ‘Premier Division’ customers.

As a former Special Adviser in the first devolved Northern Ireland Assembly, Ray Hayden has an unrivalled understanding of the structures of the institutions and how they function.

Trust and integrity are central to good communications with elected representatives - values that are appreciated by senior figures in all the main political parties at Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

Public Affairs covers a multitude of activities including:

  • Pre-briefing key figures in the Assembly/Executive and senior Civil Service on customer announcements
  • Campaigning for legislative change
  • Advocating revised Government priorities
  • Setting out counter positions to set the record straight
  • Promoting better understanding of customers position/business
  • Preparing customers for appearances before Northern Ireland Assembly Committees
  • Drafting Position Papers
  • Identifying key spokespeople for major debates
  • Monitoring and providing feedback.

Anglewise, Public Affairs, Public Relations, Media Training based in N. Ireland

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